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Enlarged Pores & Dull Skin

Our pores are like tiny "pinholes" containing oil glands where sebum is secreted. When pores are not well cleaned, they get clogged with bacteria, dead cells and oil. Then, accumulation of such debris will stretch the pores leaving behind enlarged pores that will eventually increase the risks of acne condition. A combination of treatments with medical grade skincare can compliment each other to tighten pores, improve dull skin and maintain clear flawless skin.

Treatments Available

BB Thulium Laser(Sub-Ablative Laser)

This is a subablative laser that is effective at reaching the dermis layer to resurface and improve dull skin and uneven skintone. BB laser is also able to stimulate collagen leaving behind improved skin.

Aquapure Deep Cleansing Treatment

A thin layer of AHA and BHA is being infused to the skin to soften the underlying white heads and black heads followed by a gentle suction and exfoliating process to extract the unwanted sebaceous content in pores.

Carbon laser Peel

Liquid carbon is applied on the skin to absorb the debris in the clogged pores. A laser is then passed over it to destroy the carbon and its contaminants leaving your skin exfoliated.

Chemical Peel

Chemical peel can penetrate deeper than regular exfoliating products. It reaches the epidermal layer of the skin to exfoliate the debris in the deeper layer of the skin. This may lead to minimal downtime such as redness, dry peeling skin for 3-5 days. Such exfoliating effect will brighten uneven skin tone, finer pores and smoother skin texture.

Skincare Solutions

A range of professional skincare customised for acne oily skin is able to compliment all aesthetic treatments to improve oily skin, enlarged pores and acne related conditions.

Need help with enlarged pores and dull skin? Contact us right now to book an appointment.

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