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Threadlift (Face & Nose)

As one's skin reveals more of its biological age, skin laxity or sagging skin becomes more visible and harder to hide. Moreover, they are unavoidable during the aging process. Biodegradable threads, which is essentially similar to the sutures used in surgeries can be used to reverse aging. These threads are lined with hooks or barbs which pulls up the sagging skin, reposition the underlying fat pads and wrinkles together giving the skin a lifted and tightened look. The presence of threads in the skin is able to stimulate and rebuild collagen during the healing process. Over time, more collagen is produced and remain even after the biodegradable threads have dissolved. This degradation will take about 6 - 8 months and thereafter your face will continue to stay in position for another 9 months or more. In addition to face lifting, these highly versatile threads has become a popular choice for those desiring a much higher nose bridge, nose contours and smaller nose tips which fillers cannot create. To achieve the best results, a combination of both fillers and threads can create a longer lasting yet natural nose without surgical rhinoplasty.

Threadlift is a minimally invasive procedure without surgery. Treatment will not take more than an hour with no or minimal downtime and the effect can be seen immediately.

If you are not sure whether to go for a thread lift or dermal fillers for face lift, make a visit to find out more.

Need threadlift for your face and nose? Contact us right now to book an appointment.

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