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Hair and Scalp Conditions

There are different causes for male and female pattern hair loss. Children even are vulnerable to hair loss. While one main contributor of hair loss is acute stress, and a lack of sleep, we can also be affected by some diseases like Alopecia Areata which is an autoimmune disease which starts without warning and causes round bald patches and Cicatricial alopecia which destroys hair follicles. If the person is also suffering and on medication for illnesses like thyroid and anaemia, hair loss could be a symptom or a result of the medication they are on. The most effective way to stop hair loss is for the person to be cured of the disease. Other contributors of hair loss could be chemotherapy, ringworms, stress, poor nutrition, diet and hormonal changes in a woman after giving birth or menopause. They appear in different symptoms on different genders and people.

Regardless, hair loss affects one's self-esteem and confidence in public. We have a range of products to treat the gamut of hair conditions.

When you visit us for treatment, we will ask you questions pertaining to your daily life, diet, allergies and medicine you are taking to diagnose the cause of the hair loss.

Treatment Options

Regenera  Activa

A device(FDA approved) that stimulate hair growth in both male and female without surgical hair transplant.

Oral Medications

Medication treats hair loss specific to male pattern hairloss


Scientifically proven supplements that replaces nutrients to hold the hair together and stimulate new hair growth.

Topical products

Shampoo, Hair serum, Spray to strengthen hair and scalp.

Need help with hair and scalp conditions? Contact us right now to book an appointment.

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